You asked for it

“Do you blog?”

“You should blog”

“I would totally follow you if you blogged”

Be careful what you wish for, Jillsters.  I may just grant it.

Today was spent finishing up an article for the newspaper, researching my new submission to the magazine and wrangling up some wayward throw pillows.

One of the questions that the newspaper editor asked me to answer has me completely stumped!  She asked me how I turned a decor miss into a decor hit.  All I can think to answer is, “I sure hope that I do it all the time!”

One of this month’s projects has me all up in a happy frothy lather.  I am redoing a kitchen but the wild part is that I have already done this kitchen layout in a previous home.  The first time I walked into this house, I scowled and looked at the home owner.  “Wait.” I said.  “I already DID this room.  Who put it BACK?”  The results here should be pretty dramatic and the contrast between the remodel should be even better.

Here’s the before picture that the homeowner took once she cleaned and packed up her things:Image


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